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What does it take to successfully implement FLTI in a community?
Family Leadership

FLTI of Colorado sites attend an Annual Day at the Capital together.

What makes a community and a host agency/community sponsor ready to be successful in family leadership? How will they be successful in implementing the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) of Colorado?

A ready community:
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the concepts of family leadership and civic engagement;
  • Knows that family leadership must increase, but may not know how to make this happen;
  • Has demonstrated successes in collaborative leadership and collective impact partnerships;
  • Must be able to identify a host agency or community sponsor (manages fiscal needs) committed to funding and sustainability of FLTI;
  • Is willing to work outside of a single issue of policy area;
  • Is able to and seeks to work across policy and program areas;
  • Is willing to think about civics, rather than just service, for families;
  • Is able to work with a diverse group of stakeholders that represent the demographics and diverse perspectives of the entire community;
  • Is willing to share leadership across community and agency;
  • Can identify a core group of civic leaders willing to create a Civic Design Team;
  • Is able to engage diverse perspectives and populations;
  • Embraces differences in values and at all levels of program and policy development and implementation;
  • Can help raise funds with others to fund FLTI;
  • Is willing to take part in a statewide evaluation process;
  • Will create a process to assist participants with their civic projects;
  • Has a network of people who will guide family and community leadership in the community;
  • Will work with families as partners after they graduate;
  • Understands that work will need to be done to ensure local systems are ready to engage families as leaders;
  • Works systemically, rather than agency by agency.