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We Start by Making Leadership Training Accessible

Traditional community leadership development training programs have built-in barriers to participation for groups that are historically underrepresented in local leadership. For example, many community leadership trainings have a hefty price tag or require a professional credential just to get in. This results in privileged individuals getting further ahead.

FLTI closes these opportunity gaps in leadership development by intentionally recruiting for diversity, offering the training at no cost to participate, and incorporating childcare and meals into their programming. In addition, a growing number of sites are practicing language justice in their classes to make the training available to non-native English speakers.

Then We Build Upon the Strengths of Each Individual

The FLTI learning experience utilizes a proven implementation model grounded in nonpartisan, shared leadership, diversity, and respect for the unique assets present in individual family leaders and communities at large.

The nationally recognized curriculum used in our training process integrates personal and child development, leadership skill-building, civic literacy, and community engagement processes.

“FLTI has made me have a better understanding of where I fit into my
community. I now know how simple changes in my life can help me improve others’ lives.”

“FLTI has given me the tools to harness the community around me and [taught me] that I have a voice to be reckoned with. FLTI helped me stretch and I am leaving with so much support and great ideas.”

“FLTI has empowered me to be a leader, use my voice to create a movement, and use my experiences and passions to help develop future leaders. Because of this class, I have the confidence to speak up.”