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The Family Leadership Training Institute of Colorado (FLTI) operates under CSU’s Office of Engagement, with program support provided by CSU Extension, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office of Community Engagement.
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Our Team

FLTI of Colorado’s state team works in collaboration with the National Parent Leadership Institute (NPLI) and local communities sponsoring FLTI training sites. The state team oversees the operations of local FLTI training sites to ensure fidelity to the Parent Leadership Training Institute’s (PLTI) curriculum and community implementation model. Services provided by the state team to local training sites include: technical assistance, professional development opportunities, statewide FLTI events such as Day at the Capitol, and program evaluation.

In addition to the operational support the state team provides local communities, staff from the state team consult with state and local government agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations on community engagement strategies that promote locally-driven change around pressing social issues.

Administrative Team

Patti Schmitt
Phone: 970-491-1192
Aliria Bello Curiel
Program Coordinator
Phone: 336-470-9653
Heather Meyer
Program Coordinator
Phone: 970-491-3785
David MacPhee, Ph.D.
Program Evaluator
Phone: 970-491-5503

Technical Assistance Team

Michael Burnside Facilitation Specialist Adult, Phase I
Nadine Lund
Facilitation Specialist Adult, Phase I*
NPLI Board Member
Nami Thompson Facilitation Specialist Adult, Phase I*
Tena Green
Facilitation Specialist Youth, Phase I & II
Claudine Norden
Facilitation Specialist
Adult, Phase I *

Jason Vitello Facilitation Specialist Adult, Phase I*
Carolyn Love, Ph.D.
Facilitation Specialist
Adult, Phase II *
Priscilla Orozco-Garcia
Facilitation Specialist
Spanish, Phase I & II
Jon Walton
Facilitation Specialist
Youth, Phase I & II
Adult, Phase II*

* also works on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion strategies with FLTI of Colorado

FLTI of Colorado Legacy Team

Eileen Forlenza
Implementation Pioneer
FLTI of Colorado
Benzel Jimmerson Former Site Coordinator
Denver Five Points
Kyle Christensen
Former State Coordinator
FLTI of Colorado

National Partners

Donna Thompson-Bennet
Executive Director
Carolyn Lee-Davis Director of Operations

Patti Keckeisen

Director of Quality
Zulema Gomez
Senior Implementation Specialist
Jennifer Ghidiu
Civic Partnership Designer