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Annual Report
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An important part of participation in an FLTI class is the development of a civic project. All family leaders in FLTI must implement a civic project in order to graduate. The project gives grounding to the 20 classes in empirical hands-on learning. Civic projects are a reflection of participants’ passion and targeted questions and goals. Projects do not need to be a new program, as joining or enhancing an existing effort is also encouraged.

Facilitators and site coordinators must pay careful attention to both the hopes and the practicality of the projects.

  • What is the learning goal?
  • How does it align with class objectives and learnings?

This FLTI practice uses adult learning theory to assure that learning objectives are tested weekly.

The local team helps assure that the projects relate to civic skills, (rather than creating a new agency). They pay careful attention to purpose, learning opportunity, collective impact, the group process, and to the individual learner.

Participants address a variety of community issues and system change needs and the results are nothing short of inspiring! Click the thumbnails below to read our latest Civic Project Reports.

Cover image of 2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report