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Eagle County Grads Receive Awards

In September, 2018, two FLTI of Eagle County graduates were honored with awards at the Eagle River Youth Coalition’s (ERYC) annual Valley Tasting event.

Photo Credit: Mark Rose, CSU Extension

Lilly Reynolds, 16, was chosen by the Eagle County Commissioners for the Outstanding Youth of Eagle County award for her dedication and time invested in advancing Tobacco 21 legislation with the Town of Avon, as well as her participation with the Total Health Alliance, a community initiative focused on addressing behavioral healthcare disparities. Lilly is reported to have invested over 500 hours of her time working with local decision-makers and the press on these important issues, ensuring youth voices were represented.

Robye Nothnagel is seen behind the wheel of a blue sedan, smiling into her left car mirror and a yellow magnet with a cell phone that has a red slashed circle and reads "Stash it" is on the side of the car.

Photo credit:


ERYC named Robye Nothnagel as the Difference Maker of the Year for her dedication to bringing awareness to the issue of distracted driving and its dangers. While visiting Frisco, TX for her child’s sporting event, Nothnagel was crossing a street with her family when she was struck by a teen-aged driver who happened to be texting while driving. Though lucky to be alive, Robye’s extensive recovery has been a long journey no text message could ever be worth. She founded Colorado Drive Safe¬†and began a “Stash It” magnet and sticker campaign, partnered with Colorado Department of Transportation to create a PSA about distracted driving, and continues to raise awareness with community presentations and press appearances on a regular basis.

Both Reynolds and Nothnagel say that they were passionate about their respective issues prior to FLTI, but FLTI helped them to take the actions they had only thought about before.

“FLTI helped me put all of my ideas into a plan with shape and impact,” said Nothnagel.

Congratulations to these two incredible alumni on being recognized for the big impact they are creating in their communities!