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Alumni Spotlight: Eva Muniz

Eva Muniz prepares to give testimony at the State Capitol.

Eva Muniz is a 2019 graduate from FLTI of Aurora. Since completing FLTI, Muniz has engaged in her community in ways she never did before.

We sat down with Muniz to ask her about her leadership journey and the impact participating in FLTI had on her.

FLTI of CO: Eva, you now sit on two boards in which you play an advisory role, the Aurora Community Connection Advisory Board and the Grupo Vida Board of Directors at Children’s Hospital – congratulations! Had you ever held leadership roles like this before FLTI?

Eva: I have never before engaged in leadership opportunities due to my legal status in this country. I never thought I was able to visit the Capitol Building. FLTI and their facilitators taught me that no matter what my legal status is, I can still be involved, be a leader and make a change in this community. I am so proud of myself and Ms. Aliria (FLTI of Aurora Site Coordinator and State Training Team Member) because she always encouraged me not to be afraid and to advocate for myself and others.

FLTI of CO: Which of the skills you learned in FLTI do you use the most in these new leadership roles?

Eva: I have learned to speak up, to make my voice heard, not only as a community member, but also as a mother.

FLTI of CO: How did participating in FLTI impact you?

Eva: FLTI has made a tremendous impact in my life. As a mother of a child with dyslexia, I used my experience in creating my civic project, Dyslexia is Real. Dyslexia is Real focuses on bringing awareness surrounding dyslexia to Hispanic/Latinx parents, particularly the screening process. As a result of my work with Dyslexia is Real, I was invited by COKID to speak in front of the legislators who were sponsoring the HB19-1134 bill. I shared about all the things I had to do in order just to get some basic evaluations set up for my daughter on her diagnostic journey.

The bill was passed and directs the Commissioner of Education to convene a working group to analyze state and national education data, practices concerning identification and support of students with dyslexia, and to recommend dyslexia screening tools and processes.

FLTI of CO: Amazing work, congratulations, Eva! How would you say your continuing work with these boards serves your community?

Eva:  I am very involved in the community looking for available resources to share with Grupo Vida. Grupo Vida works with parents who have kids with some type of disability. It also helps connect families with kids who share the same disability. It guides families to learn how to navigate the system and find resources not only for their kids with disabilities but also for their siblings, giving them tools to assist them and help them be more successful.

FLTI of Colorado: Why should other community members take FLTI in your area?

Eva: I encourage other members of this community to take FLTI because you gain many tools that help you be more effective in helping your community. Everyone has skills to bring to the table, and FLTI builds upon our strengths in this way and teaches you how to take action with our unique skills. FLTI makes it possible for us to say, “¡Si, se puede!”

Yes, you can!