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Promoting leadership development, increased civic capacity, and equity in all policies.

Family Leadership graduation

Adult and youth family leaders participate in a session together at FLTI of Denver Five Points

Curriculum Outline

FLTI classes meet once a week in the evening to explore the following leadership and civic engagement topics and the tools associated with these topics. Additionally, classes invite alumni, local and state leaders, community members, and other guest speakers to bring these topics to life. All sites must adhere to curriculum fidelity requirements.

Retreat Creating a Caring Community
Week 1 Thriving with Diversity in the Group Process
Week 2 The Change Process
Week 3 Adults and Youth as Change Agents
Week 4 How to Define a Problem and Work toward a Solution
Week 5 The Intentional Use of Language
Week 6 Learning How a Community Works
Week 7 How Local Systems Work and How to Interact with Them
Week 8 Networks
Week 9 The Power of the Media and How to Use it
Week 10 Using your Voice
Week 11 The Life Cycle of a Child and Functions of the Family
Week 12 Social/Economic Trends Affecting Children and Families
Week 13 What is Public Policy?
Week 14/15 How the State Works and Understanding the Law
Day at the Capitol
Week 16 How City, County and School Districts Work
Week 17 Budgets – From Wallets to State – Money and Priorities
Week 18 Evaluation, Outcomes and Accountability
Week 19 Forming New Alliances
Week 20 Language: Packaging and Moving Agendas
Local Graduation

The Core Learning

In FLTI, participants will:

  • Work with diversity
  • Define needs
  • Assess and define problems
  • Speak publicly
  • Utilize the media
  • Review child and family data
  • Evaluate a program
  • Understand personal history and its impact on self-image and empowerment
  • Form coalitions
  • Collect and utilize data
  • Reach successful outcomes
  • Become familiar with state and federal laws
  • Understand ordinances
  • Strategize for action
  • Plan agendas using a step-by-step process
Family Leadership training

FLTI of Colorado’s training team presents to facilitators during their certification training.