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Family Leadership Training Institute of Lake County

FLTI of Lake County’s leadership team snaps a photo with their family leaders.

Family leadership is the capacity to interact within civil society with purpose and positive outcomes for children. Family leadership emerges when family and community leaders gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in leadership roles that help shape the future of children, youth, and families. When the family voice is dignified through meaningful leadership development and civic engagement opportunities, leaders acquire the civic tools necessary to engage in action that addresses critical health and social inequities that affect our schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Why is family leadership necessary?

  • Communities are strengthened when the voice of the family is valued.
  • Positive social change results when voices of families are represented in policymaking discussions and decision making within the local, state, and federal systems.
  • Systems work better when they involve families in the beginning instead of at the end of system development.
  • Parent-child interaction increases and improves through family involvement.
Family Leadership training

FLTI promotes bringing the voices of family leaders to the policy making table.